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Video Cables

There are many different types of video cables available. In the table below we have listed the most common cables. Please refer to the user manual of your equipment in order to pick the right cable.

  What is it? What can I find it in?

The most popular video standard nowadays. It can be found in most modern media players like Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, game consoles, laptops and PC's.

mini HDMI Mini HDMI

A smaller version of the HDMI connection. Often used in tablets and other portable devices.

micro HDMI Micro HDMI

The smallest version of the HDMI connection. Even smaller than mini HDMI and mostly used in current en next-generation tablets and other portable devices.

component Component
High quality analog video connection. Still used in many media players. Easily recognised by the three RCA plus in blue, red and green.
Widely used in monitors and PC graphic cards.
Do note: there are many types of DVI cables that are not fully interchangable. Visit this page for more information.
mini DVI Mini DVI
Mostly found in Apple products. This is the predecessor of the mini Displayport.
Displayport Displayport
Similar to HDMI, but with a different connector. The Displayport has only one slanted top corner, whereas HDMI has two.
mini Displayport Mini Displayport
The compact version of the Displayport. Currently used in many Apple products.
composite Composite
A somewhat oldfashioned yet very effective connection. Easily recognised by the three RCA plus in yellow, red and white.
SCART used to be the most common used connection in television and media players like DVD-players. To this day, it remains a widely used and good quality connection.
This used to be the most common used video standard for PC's and laptops. Rapidly losing terrain to newer, better standards.
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