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United Kingdom
I am thrilled with my black glass magnetic write board. ItÂs in the kitchen and ready to go for when the children go back to school. It looks superbly stylish next to my equally sized black/neon David Bowie canvas. My order was processed quickly and all items arrived intact. I had forgotten that it came with a pen shelf, I didnÂt need it and the fixings were shiny, rather than the satin finish of the board fixings, so itÂs now used as an ideal mini tech shelf in another room. My son put the board and shelf up in 10 minutes flat, you definitely need a spirit level but all fixings provided were perfect and it looks beautifully slick in situ. My tip... Definitely buy the cleaning fluid and definitely the chalk fluorescent markers as the yellow wipe board marker is quite faint. DonÂt... deliberate over whether to buy this board for as long as I did. I missed out on four months of the girls doodling across my household notes.


sam connect

sam connect

Cables and connectivity products of sam connect represent professional quality for an affordable price. During production of these cables, strict quality norms are continuously met and maintained with respect to connectors, soldering, cable shielding and conductor materials. This continuous monitoring allows us to offer a product that is reliable, functional and affordable. Our goals is to provide you a product line suited for consumers, as wel as professionals. Or, as we say it, we make professional quality affordable.

Since there are almost endless types of connections, our assortment keeps expanding. On a weekly basis even, new products are added to our main product line. Keep an eye on our online stores for updates and news.

sam connect

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